Daughter of the spellcaster

Have you picked up your copy of Daughter of the Spellcaster yet? The book is finally out and it seems to be getting mixed reviews from people! Check out some of the reviews below:

  • "Maggie has done it again! Daughter of the Spellcaster was a great book that follows in the footsteps of Mark of the Witch to perfection." - Amazon reviewer
  • "Daughter of the Spellcaster was a beautifully written Paranormal Romance full of hope, magick, intrigue and heart...Maggie introduced some very 'human' characters in this installment of the Portal series. I loved everything about them and adored the way that Maggie painted the story with words, providing a vivid canvas of a tale that I won't easily forget." - Amazon reviewer
  • "Aside from the great characters in the first installment, what I enjoyed the most was the mysterious magical aspects of the story and the tie from the past lives to the present. However, this time around those aspects just didn't come through as strongly. Yes, the tie to the sisters' past lives was there, but it just didn't suck me in like before. Don't get me wrong, things were still firmly rooted in witchcraft but nowhere near as shrouded in mystery like before, and I really missed that. " - GoodReads reviewer

These are only some reviews from Maggie Shayne fans, but what did you think of the novel? Share your own reviews and reactions to Daughter of the Spellcaster below!

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