The Portal Series, from MIRA Books, is Maggie Shayne’s brand new Paranormal Romance series featuring three Warrior Witches and the men they must tame; The Priest, The Player, and The Demon. The women have reincarnated from their lifetimes in Ancient Babylon, and while there are several segments about those lifetimes, the books are contemporary romances.

  • Legacy of the Witch is the story of young Amarrah, the slave girl to the slave girls.
  • Book 1, Mark of the Witch goes on sale on September 18th, 2012. It is the story of Indira Simon, who’s having visions of execution, and the priest who has come to save her–or maybe, to kill her.
  • Book 2, Daughter of the Spellcaster is Magdalena’s story. She’s single and pregnant by a player she mistook for a prince, Magdalena is determined not to trust him again. But it might be the people she does trust who pose the biggest threat to her child, and the demon who thinks he needs its body in order to live again.
  • Book 3, Blood of the Sorceress is about Lilia who did not reincarnate lifetime after lifetime as her sisters did. She remained in an in-between state, watching over things, waiting for the right time to save her cursed lover from his underworld prison, to restore his lost humanity and the missing pieces of his soul. But if she fails, it’s her life on the line.
  • The Magick of the Witches: Maggie’s non-fiction book about witchcraft, magick, how and why it works, with spells and rituals to enhance anyone’s practice, will be available in E and print editions.